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Globes for Home & Office Décor, Reference, Teachers, Home Schooling, Students, Gift giving.

We have assembled a wealth of information for you, as well as an extensive inventory of over 550 World Globes in all sizes, types, and price ranges. Recognizing there are a host of possible reasons for your visit today, allow us to take a few moments to introduce you to the unsurpassed content of World Globe Universe.

Replogle Leather Expedition World Globe, window to your  world

Home & Office décor... Long associated with knowledge and education, world globes are the perfect accent piece for decorating your home or office. As an accent piece, Earth globes carry an inherent sense of distinction and portray a worldliness and understanding that transcends the narrow limits naturally imposed by any enclosed space. Earth globes are available in a large variety of color choices, mounting styles, sizes, and can even be used to add accent lighting through use of an illuminated globe. World Globe Universe has one of the largest selections of world globes available from any single source. Use our exclusive Globe Selection Assistant to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Artline Starship Earth II, unsurpassed Educational Globe for home & classroom use

Professional educators... For literally thousands of years mankind has viewed with wonder the stars in the heavens, the world around him, and struggled to bring meaning and understanding to his observations. History accords Crates of Mallus the distinction of having created the first globe of our Earth. Later, scientists developed the Armillary Sphere and eventually more accurate representations culminating in our modern world globes. For purely educational purposes, the 3 dimensional world globe provides an unsurpassed tactile learning experience for students of all ages. For public and private educators alike, the rich selection of Educational, Space/Celestial, National Geographic, and Teaching Aid globes will enhance the quality of your instruction and the performance of your students.

Home Schooling World Globes

Home & special needs schooling... For parents who have joined the growing ranks of those taking a personal part in their children's education, the world globe continues to be an unsurpassed reference and learning tool. With the dismal understanding many Americans have of geography in general, perhaps it is time to reemploy the traditional tools and methods that have proven their worth in turning out well educated, responsible adults. From inexpensive globes for one on one tutoring, or highly detailed and accurate National Geographic reference globes for advanced studies, to sophisticated Space/Celestial models for teaching the movement of the planets, changing of the seasons, or how time is calculated around the globe, you are sure to find the perfect teaching tools at World Globe Universe. When it comes to applying the tools in actual educational experiences, take advantage of the Globe University to find proven learning exercises for use with your child.

Highly detailed & accurate World Globes for Students

Students... Not only does World Globe Universe provide a wide selection of world globes for use in your studies, our Globe University is the largest educational resource available on any commercial world globe site. Perhaps you are desperately looking for authoritative information for that upcoming school report. Maybe you need to better understand why we experience seasons, why there are more hours of daylight at some times of the year than at others, or why jet passenger planes make a loop to the north rather than flying straight across the ocean when traveling between the United States and Europe? You will discover answers to these questions and more as you study with a globe of your own, while taking advantage of the volumes of useful information in our Globe University. Feel free to take advantage of our existing learning resources or submit your own original content to be published for the use of other students.

Artline Blue Pearl World Globes, gifts for every occasion

Gift giving... Whether looking for the perfect gift for your husband, wife, mother, father, graduate, favorite educator, or even for that executive that seems to have everything, Earth globes are perfect for almost any occasion. Priced from under $20 to over $7,000, in sizes from 1 inch to 32 inches, traditional to ultra modern levitating globes, elegant gemstone globes or authentic antique reproductions, World Globe Universe has the best selection, at competitive prices, providing the very best value...Guaranteed!

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