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About World Globe Universe & Who We Are...

World Globe Universe, operating at the URL, is a member of the INI Online Stores family. You can learn more about INI Online Stores and its parent company Interface Network Inc., by visiting our corporate website.

To help you get to know World Globe Universe better, we would like to share excerpts from an interview with our corporate president, Larry Murray.

The flagship site of Interface Network Inc., World Globe Universe was launched in March of 2006. World Globe Universe is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual customer, and doing so to their complete satisfaction. Our slogan, "The Right Globe, at the Right Price, with the Best Service!" embodies our performance commitment.

According to Murray, concentrating on the basics is a primary focus of World Globe Universe. “Our aim is to bring a personalized business approach to the sometimes impersonal virtual marketplace. Our company (Interface Network Inc.) began life as a consulting practice specializing in service and support management. Because of our roots, we have a unique perspective and understanding of customer service. We cut our teeth in the Intermountain West before expanding to include a national and even international clientele. Over a period of 16 years, we have proven that in the brick and mortar world, customers are hungry for real service and are quite loyal to those companies who over deliver on their commitments. Our goal now is to see if the same principles of value, service, and integrity, will win out in the virtual marketplace as well.”

From the moment a visitor arrives at the home page, World Globe Universe strives to convey a sense of friendly, down-home service. Murray elaborates, “We believe people still need information and assistance just as much as they need the more tangible products they actually exchange their hard earned money for. Because of our belief, we are just as interested in the educational side of our business as we are in selling products. We have gone to a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that our customers have the best information available when evaluating the various world globes that are available in the marketplace.”

As important as the product information is, World Globe Universe doesn’t stop there. Even a cursory examination of the site reveals a truly amazing commitment to educating visitors on geography in general, and on the wonders of world globe maps in particular. According to Murray, “While we recognize it is unusual for a commercial web site, we have committed to a purely educational component on our site. We call it the ‘Globe University’ and its mission is to provide an educational resource for students, parents and teachers. If we can fire the imagination of our children, instill some sense of wonder, encourage someone’s desire to learn, then we will have made a huge contribution to all of our futures.” Exactly what form the Globe University will finally take is somewhat open. World Globe Universe hopes to involve our customer community in developing the correct focus and balance in the information we ultimately publish within the Globe University.

Commenting on the selection of world globes as the company’s first online marketing venture, Murray stated there was extensive research performed to ensure the market would support an additional competitor. “We were pleased with the results of our analysis which shows that the online sale of world globes is a viable market.” Smiling, Murray continued, “As encouraging as the numbers are, I have to admit at least part of my motivation stems from a life long fascination with world globes. I was raised on a dairy farm and money was pretty hard to come by. In spite of our financial condition, one of the traits my mother encouraged was inquisitiveness. She urged not only the pursuit of knowledge, but also the gaining of understanding. I remember vividly two tools in our home that were used extensively to encourage learning, imagination and exploring. We had a small chalkboard mounted on an out of the way wall, and a blue ocean globe which resided in our living room. I know what that world globe did to expand my severely limited horizons. It is my hope that today’s parents and grandparents will give their children and grandchildren some of the same opportunities we baby boomers received as children.”

Thank you for your interest in World Globe Universe. We hope this information has been helpful and that you take this opportunity to take full advantage of the top quality products and extensive information we have assembled for your use. When you are ready to purchase your next earth globe, put us to the test. We are confident you will find we always provide the Right Globe, at the Right Price, with the Best Service!

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