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Kalifano Gemstones Of The World

Every new Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globe is shipped with a beautiful and informative GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information card. The information card displays 25 semi-precious gemstones which are most commonly used in the manufacture of the Alexander Kalifano brand of Gemstone Globes.

In addition to the full color gemstone images, the information card identifies the major country or countries which are typically represented by each gemstone.

The semi-precious gemstones displayed on the GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information card are as follows.
Africa Jade
Africa Onyx
Africa Turquoise
Breciated Jasper
China Jade
Leopard Skin
Mother of Pearl
Picasso Jasper
Picture Jasper
Reconstructed Lapis*
Red Jasper
Tiger Eye
Tiger Iron
White Stone
Yellow Jasper
Zebra Jasper

*Note: While the “Reconstituted Lapis” ocean color is included on the GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information card, Alexander Kalifano has actually ceased production of Gemstone Globes with Lapis colored oceans. In 2007, the Lapis Gemstone Globes were replaced with the new Caribbean Blue Gemstone Globes.

At World Globe Universe we receive frequent requests for replacement GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information cards. As a service to Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globe owners who may have misplaced their GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information card, or never received the information card in the first place, World Globe Universe is pleased to display this digitized copy of the reference card.

Alexander Kalifano Care Instructions & Information card, image

Alexander Kalifano Gemstones of the World Information & Images card, image

In addition to the digital copy of the reference card, a complimentary PDF version of the GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information card is available for download from World Globe Universe.

The images of the GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD information card are copyrighted by Alexander Kalifano and are used by World Globe Universe with the permission of Alexander Kalifano. All rights are reserved by the copyright holder.

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