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Choosing your World Globe…

Everything you need to know to choose your perfect globe.

You are about to embark on a most exciting and rewarding experience! With your purchase of a World Globe, you join an exclusive group, once consisting almost entirely of the most wealthy and best educated members of society.

The following information has been prepared to enable you to quickly educate yourself so you can make an informed and sound decision as you purchase your ideal globe.


  1. Why buy a World Globe?
  2. The Best Source for your World Globe purchase
  3. Online Selection Tools
  4. Styles of World Globes
  5. Features of World Globes
  6. Special Function or Use Globes
  7. World Globe Ocean Colors
  8. Top manufacturer brands of World Globes
  9. World Globe Size/Diameter Considerations
  10. Price Ranges for World Globes
  11. Definitions and explanations of World Globe terms

Why buy a World Globe?

Long accepted as the most accurate means through which to render a map, there is no substitute for these 3 dimensional replicas of our earth, with their ability to fire the imagination and stretch the understanding of the human mind. World Globes give the user an unparalleled perspective on geographic and political influences affecting every aspect of our lives, while providing a profound insight into just how deeply interdependent we have become with our global neighbors.

Once confined to the schoolroom, library, or homes of the most affluent, world globes are now available to virtually anyone with the desire to better understand our world. World globes come in an incredible assortment of types and sizes. From Gemstone to inflatable, political to physical, raised relief to crystal finish, there is a globe for virtually every need, environment and décor.
  • Reference
  • Home Décor
  • Educational
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World Globe Universe is the best online choice for purchasing your World Globe.

At World Globe Universe we believe our motto says it all… No Deceptive Practices… Ever! This uncompromising business philosophy is why we can offer you three unbeatable guarantees.
  1. Our exclusive 12 point Value Guarantee assures you not only competitive pricing but unsurpassed service as well.
  2. Our 100% 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee assures you can buy with confidence, knowing we stand behind every purchase just like we have for over 16 years.
  3. Our Safe Shopping Guarantee assures you of a safe and secure, risk free credit card transaction.
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World Globe Universe makes choosing your World Globe quick and easy!

Because of the vast array of choices available, World Globe Universe has gone to great lengths to make sure you have the information you need to make a quick, convenient, and informed buying decision. Among the tools World Globe Universe provides is our exclusive Globe Selection Assistant and our helpful Where Am I navigation aid. Even with hundreds of choices, you are never more than 4 clicks away from previewing a concise selection of World Globes that meet your exact requirements!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a globe for yourself or for someone you care about, you have come to the right place!

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The four basic "Styles" or types of World Globes.

Desk Top World Globes image Desk Globes are defined by their size and function. Desk globes are designed to sit on a desk, credenza or other similar piece of furniture and are limited to a maximum of 9 inches in diameter. Due to their smaller size, many desk globes are utilized more for their appearance than for any detailed geographic or political information.
Floor Globes image Floor Globes are defined by their function regardless of their size. All floor globes come with a relatively tall stand that is designed to allow the globe to be displayed and used in a freestanding manner. Floor globes come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and features. Floor Globes can fit comfortably into almost any decor from traditional to modern, with some examples easily qualifying as fine furniture.
Hanging Globes image Hanging Globes are defined by their function regardless of size. Hanging globes are designed to be displayed in a suspended form. They range in size from as little as 3 inches in diameter and address a wide variety of uses.
Table Globes image Table Globes are defined by their size and function. Table globes take up where the desk globes leave off. They include all globes with a diameter of greater than 9 inches that are designed for display on a table like surface. Because of their larger size, table globes are less often used for decoration and are more likely to contain the detailed geographic, political and terrain features that are commonly used in educational pursuits.

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Defining Features, Composition, and Functionality of World Globes.

Acrylic Globe image Acrylic Globes are defined by their base component which is a polymer based material with the appearance of glass but with much greater strength and durability. Acrylic has the ability to be "blown" in much the same manner that glass can be blown.
Crystal Globe image Crystal Globes are defined by their appearance. All globes with a "glass like" or "crystal like" appearance are included in this category, regardless of the material they are made from.
Dry Erase Globe image Dry Erase Globes are defined by their unique design function. They are used primarily for their ability to be written on with a dry erase marker and to then be easily cleaned and restored to their original condition using a soft dry cloth. Dry erase globes are often used in educational environments.
Gemstone Globe image Gemstone Globes are defined by the material they are made from, and because of their extraordinary beauty they are used primarily for decorative display purposes. Gemstone World Globes are very popular as gifts for those hard to buy for loved ones and friends. Due to the wide variety of color schemes available, Gemstone globes are well suited to home and office decorating. Gemstone globes use many different types of materials, depending on the coloration that is desired for the finished globe. In addition to Abalone Shell and Mother of Pearl, the semi-precious stones include Amethyst, Aphrizite, Belioculas Onyx, Black Spotted Jade, Chrysolithos, Coral, Green Jade, Green Jasper, Lapis, Lapis Siphnos, Mongolian Jade, Mongolian Red Spotted Jade, Mongolian White Jade, Phoenix Jade, Picture Jasper, Purple Quartz, Red Jade, Red Spotted Jade, South African Jade, Spotted Jade, Tiger Eye, Turquoise, and White Jade.
Illuminated Globe image Illuminated Globes are defined by their functionality. They are made of translucent materials in order to allow the internal lighting to shine through and illuminate the features of the globe. Illuminated globes can be used as a night light or to establish the mood and ambiance of a room. With their subtle, understated illumination, globes can add warmth and a sense of personality that is difficult to achieve with ordinary lighting. Illuminated globes require access to power from an electrical outlet so they may be limited in their physical placement, depending on your available power sources. To some extent, the electrical connections may also restrict the movement or rotational flexibility of your globe. (Illuminated globes listed on World Globe Universe wired for 120 Volt AC power.)
Physical Globe image Physical Globes are defined by their design purpose of displaying primarily the physical, geographic aspects of the earth. Color variations are used to indicate land forms, vegetation, and climactic conditions.
Political Globe image Political Globes are defined by their design purpose of displaying primarily the political aspects of the earth, overlaid on the geographic features. Political features include cities, as well as State, and National borders.
Raised Relief Globe image Raised Relief Globes are defined by their tactile component. They are designed to simulate the raised surfaces of the earth, such as prominent mountain ranges. A very few raised relief globes also incorporate indented relief in order to approximate undersea features as well.

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Specialty Globes by Function or Appeal.

Specialty Globes are defined primarily by their functional characteristics. These special characteristics are often the primary focus in choosing a specialty world globe item.

Bookend Globe image Bookend Globes are a beautiful as well as functional addition to any office, library, den, or bookshelf. Available in many styles ranging from modern to contemporary, you are sure to find the perfect accent for your decor.
Children's Globe image Children's Globes are durable inexpensive World Globes that have been specifically designed with bright color schemes to grab and hold the attention of youngsters, fire their imaginations & make learning fun! Children's globes appeal to different stages of development. For preschool to kindergarten age children, consider the globes that feature pictures of animals, fish, whales and so forth. As children mature the globes with written information will provide additional challenges and growth. For those youngsters totally engaged in the electronic age, interactive globes will keep them involved for hours as they learn about the geography and people of the earth. The upper end of the children's globe category features more elaborate stands and are perfect for grade school age children that are beginning to move beyond childhood and exercise a certain degree of independence.
Christmas Ornament Globe image Christmas Ornament Globes make the perfect gift. At the season when we celebrate the birth of the Savior of all mankind, what better way to commemorate the "World Wide" impact of Jesus Christ than through a beautiful world globe. Available in many different styles, you can build an entire collection for yourself and those you love.
Collectable Globes image Collectable Globes are perhaps the least easily definable specialty category of all. There are as many definitions of what constitutes a collectible as there are people in the world. For those true globe connoisseurs, such trivial items as size and price will have very little importance. For those who are less enthusiastic, we offer the following general guidelines. At World Globe Universe we have listed those globe items that are available in sets, those of relatively small size, and those that for what appear to be "obvious reasons" would lend themselves to being collectible by nature. While the collectible globes section will give you a good starting point in building your collection, it is by no means all inclusive when it comes to collectible opportunities.
World Globe Pen Set image Desk Pen Sets are a specialty subset to the desk globe classification. The pen and globe sets are differentiated by the combination of the globe and complementary pen as opposed to a desk globe alone. Desk pen sets are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and price ranges, and make an excellent choice for gift giving.
Educational Globe image Educational Globes includes both world globes and non-globe items. We have placed those items that will be particularly helpful to professional teachers at all grade levels, parents who are home schooling their children, and students of all ages.
Executive Gifts image Executive Gifts are a loosely defined category containing those items that are of particular interest to those looking for tasteful gift giving selections. The wide variety of styles and prices provide ample selection in choosing the perfect gift for your executive, from the most junior to the chairman of the board!
Fine Furniture Globe image Fine Furniture Globes include those selections that achieve the rare distinction of beauty, form and functionality that qualify them as "fine furniture" in their own right. Any of these beautiful pieces could well serve as the focal point around which you select the remainder of the furnishing for your chosen room.
Geek Globes image Geek Globes are a collection of globes dedicated to the more cerebral among us. Geek is a term we affectionately use among our "high tech" staff members here at World Globe Universe. In many cases, these globe and educational products are our own favorites! The highest compliment you could pay to those of us with "Geeky natures" would be to choose a globe for yourself or someone you love from our Geek Globe collection.
Levitating Globe image Levitating Globes are a unique collection of globes that are suspended in a magnetic field, thus eliminating the more traditional "Meridian" mounting system. These globes are almost magical as they hang suspended in mid air. They will provide hours of fascination whether as a unique conversation starter or for individual viewing and contemplation. Levitating globes are also sometimes called floating, suspended, or hovering globes.
Reproduction Globe image Reproduction Globes are faithful reproductions of antique World Globes dating from the 16th through 19th centuries. Antique reproduction globes are perfect for decorating, whether used as a simple accent or as the focal point for a grouping or even for an entire room. Antique reproduction globes are a great way to contrast our current level of geographic and cartographic knowledge with that of earlier generations. While not useful in demonstrating current geography, antique reproduction globes are an outstanding historical reference tool.
Space/Celestial Globe image Space/Celestial Globes and instruments are a collection of those items that open our minds to the immensity that surrounds our Earth. While all of these items contain an educational element, some are also visual works of art in their own right. Whether you are looking for a way to more effectively teach the intricacies of the solar dance of the planets, or are simply looking for a stunning accent piece, the space and celestial globes are an excellent place to start.
Teaching Aid image Teaching Aids include all of the world globes and related items that are designed to assist in the transfer of knowledge. In our opinion, there is a less obvious but equally important benefit inherent in all of these products. While assisting in the transfer of knowledge, they are invaluable in increasing understanding! There is nothing more rewarding to a teacher than to see the light of understanding shining in their students eyes.

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World Globe & Gemstone Globe Ocean Colors.

Selecting a world globe based on Ocean Color is critical when color coordinating your decor. In addition to the two most popular choices of "Blue" and "Antique", there are a host of additional choices to fit virtually any color scheme. The available ocean colors include;
Amber Ocean World Globe image Antique Ocean World Globe image Black Ocean World Globe image Blue Ocean World Globe image
Amber Ocean Antique Ocean Black Ocean Blue Ocean
Chrome Ocean World Globe image Green Ocean World Globe image Pink Ocean World Globe image Transparent Ocean World Globe image
Silver Ocean Green Ocean Pink Ocean Transparent Ocean
White Ocean World Globe image
White Ocean

While ocean color is the predominant criteria in matching your decor, you should also realize that the land masses can and do come in different colors as well. Make sure you consider all of your color choices to ensure you achieve the perfect combination you are seeking.

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The top quality, most widely recognized manufacturers of world globes.

The "Brand" category allows you to search World Globe Universe’s extensive inventory based on brand name. Whether your brand preference derives from personal experience or a trusted recommendation, the Globe Selection Assistant simplifies choosing the perfect globe from a specific manufacturer. For detailed information about any of these top quality manufacturers visit the Globe Manufacturer Information pages in the Globe University.

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The World Globe Universe "Size" selection categories.

The size of the world globe you select can be a critical consideration. If you have limited desk space, shelf space, or floor space, you need to be able to quickly and easily filter your choices to include only those selections that can be accommodated in the available space. On the other hand, if you are making an accent statement to your chosen decor, there is no point wasting your time looking at selections that will be overwhelmed by the size of other furnishings in your room. The “Size/Diameter” choices in the Globe Selection Assistant make size selections a snap! Return to Index

The "Price" ranges for World Globes.

The various pricing categories allow you to limit your search results to those world globes that meet your budgetary constraints. Whether it is a gift giving occasion or an institutionally imposed budget, the Globe Selection Assistant makes choosing the appropriately priced globe a painless process.
The Globes Under $100 category is for budget conscious shoppers and those looking for a starter globe.
The Globes $100 to $300 category contains good quality traditional globes and a nice selection of small to medium size Gemstone globes.
The Globes $300 to $700 category is for the serious World Globe buyer. It contains top quality reference and educational globes as well as a large selection of elegant Gemstone globes.
The Prestige Globes category is for those who want to make a statement. Containing the highest quality and largest size traditional World Globes, as well as the larger and more elaborate Gemstone Globes, prestige globes are the envy of all who see them!

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Definitions and explanations of World Globe terms.

Durability can be an important consideration in selecting your World Globe. Globe construction materials and methods vary widely. It is best to match the construction material of your globe to the environment and use to which it will be subjected.
  • Acrylic globes are among the most durable and are found in many of the mid to upper line globes. Acrylic is a polymer based material with the appearance of glass but with much greater strength and durability.
  • Vinyl or plastic globes are durable and light weight and display good durability. Vinyl construction is typically a vacuum form process used primarily in illuminated globes. Vinyl can be manufactured with translucent characteristics, but is not the best material for the manufacture of raised or indented relief globes. Vinyl construction is used in many of the mid to upper line globes.
  • Press craft or fiber board globes are the least expensive as well as the least durable material. Certainly not fragile by any means, press craft globes have the advantage of being easily adaptable to raised relief configurations.
  • Gemstone globes are made by overlaying semi-precious gemstones on a spherical core. The entire construct is then sealed in a high gloss transparent coating. While the individual components of a Gemstone globe are very durable, the entire composition is relatively fragile. By nature, the gemstones are brittle and subject to impact damage. The transparent seal coating can be scratched by sharp or abrasive contact and may darken with exposute to UV light. Gemstone globes should not be subjected to large or rapid changes in humidity. However, with proper care a Gemstone globe will last for generations.
Globe Mounting Style can be an important consideration in selecting your World Globe. The various mounting styles affect the appearance as well as the accessibility and usability of your world globe.
Axial Globe Mount image Axial mounting uses a full length rod inserted along the inclined axis of the earth globe. This rod duplicates the normal inclination of the earth on its axis and allows the globe to spin on its “axis” just like the earth does.
Semi-Meridian Globe Mount image Semi-Meridian mounting incorporates a half ring that attaches to either pole of the globe. Just like the axial mount, the semi-meridian mount duplicates the normal inclination of the earth on its axis and allows the globe to spin on its “axis” just like the earth does. Many meridians are marked in degrees from the equator, allowing the user to easily find a given latitude on the globe.
Full Ring Meridian Globe Mount image Full Ring Meridian mounting encircles the entire globe in a full meridian. This style of mounting adds stability as well as added convenience when the meridian has degrees marked. The full ring meridian mount duplicates the normal inclination of the earth on its axis and allows the globe to spin on its “axis” just like the earth does.
Dual Axis Meridian Globe Mount image Dual Axis Meridian mounting is an enhancement to the standard full ring meridian mount. This variation allows the globe to not only spin on its axis, but allows for rotation along a second, non-polar axis as well. This style of mounting has the advantage of providing full user access to all locations and information on the globe. Depending on whether the meridian slides in the mounting stand or pivots in a gyroscopic manner, the dual axis mount may or may not duplicate the normal inclination of the earth.

Dual Map view technology is available on select illuminated globes. Depending on the globe, the cartography will be either political or physical with the light off and will display the alternate map view when the globe is illuminated. The dual map view is made possible by overlaying multiple layers of color printing, with underlying layers becoming visible when illuminated from inside. In the primary or non-illuminated view, most globes, including all of the dual map National Geographic globes, display the political world view. A very limited number of globes, including some Stellanova globes, display the physical or geographic world view when not illuminated. (In the individual product specifications the primary or non-illuminated view is shown before the illuminated view, for example “Political/Physical.)

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