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Using the Globe Selection Assistant

World Globe Universe Globe Selection Assistant

As part of our Value Guarantee, World Globe Universe is committed to providing you with the tools you need to make an informed and convenient buying decision. These tools include our exclusive Globe Selection Assistant and our handy Where Am I Indicator.

Why a Globe Selection Assistant? With the huge variety of globes offered by World Globe Universe, we recognize you need a way to quickly and conveniently narrow down your choices to a manageable size. The Globe Selection Assistant is designed to quickly and accurately provide you with a listing of the exact size, type, color, brand, etc., of globe you are looking for.

With the Globe Selection Assistant you are never more than 4 clicks away from a precise listing of World Globes that meet your exact specifications! This overview is provided to ensure you are getting the greatest possible benefit from this exclusive tool.

Using the Globe Selection Assistant... You will find the Globe Selection Assistant located on the World Globe Universe All Globes page, as well as on product and information pages such as this one. The Globe Selection Assistant consists of an extensive listing of globe types and features running down the left side of the page. The listing includes the major categories of Style, Feature, Price, Brand, Size, Ocean Color, and Specialty Globes. Each major category is broken down into multiple individual criteria upon which you can base a selective search.

First, choose your most important search criteria from among the major categories. This will display a page listing all of the qualifying results for the selection you chose. As an example, perhaps you are interested in purchasing a World Globe for your den. If your most important concern is that your new globe be a floor model, then selecting "Floor Globes" under "Globe Styles" will give you a listing of every globe that features a floor stand. (This list will include literally dozens of globes, including antique ocean, blue ocean, acrylic globes, physical globes, political globes, large globes, small globes, gemstone globes, reproduction globe, multiple manufacturers and so forth. The list will probably be much longer than you are inclined to review.)

Second, refine your search with your next most important selection criterion. To further refine your selections, choose your second most important search criterion from among the remaining choices. Continuing our previous example, the "Style" category will have been eliminated from among the remaining choices in the Globe Selection Assistant. Perhaps you want to use the globe as a reference tool and therefore want to make sure it shows country borders. By selecting "Political" as your second choice, from the "Feature" category, you will be given a specific listing of all the floor globes that contain political information. This will be a much smaller listing than your first selection produced. Now that you have a more focused and manageable selection to choose from, you may decide to review each globe or you may choose to keep narrowing your choices down by making additional or different filtering selections.

Third, if your selection list is too large, reduce it by choosing another feature that is important to you. To continue our example, suppose that your décor would be complemented best by an antique ocean globe. For your third search criterion you would choose "Antique" from the "Ocean Color" category. This will produce a list of antique ocean floor stand globes, all with political boundaries delineated.

Fourth, if your choice of selections is still too large, refine it further with your next most important feature choice. Finally, you have somewhat limited space in your den so you decide you want a globe that is 16 inches in diameter or smaller. For your fourth search criterion you choose "12 to 16 Inch" from the "Size/Diameter" category. This will produce a very specialized listing of world globes that meets your exact requirements. This personally customized list contains approximately 30 World Globes for you to choose from. While still providing you with ample choices, the number is far more manageable than the 500 plus globes offered by World Globe Universe or even the 130 plus floor globes in our extensive inventory.

There you have it, 4 clicks to create a personal list containing only the globe selections that have exactly the features you are looking for! Fast, easy, convenient, informative, all elements of the unbeatable service you have come to expect from World Globe Universe.

What next? Once you have narrowed down your choices to a manageable number, simply select the picture or product name of the desired globe and you will be shown a detailed information page on the product. On the individual product page you will find a comprehensive description, a high quality image of the globe and a comprehensive list of product specifications. By clicking on the picture of the globe, you will be presented with an enlarged, close-up view with even greater detail. (If by some chance you have a question that we haven't provided an answer for, simply click on the customer support link at the bottom of the individual product page, e-mail us your question and we will provide you with a prompt reply.)

Didn't find exactly what you wanted? If at any time you would like to start a new search, simply select the "All Globes" link, under the "Start New Search" heading, in the Globe Selection Assistant. This will take you back to the complete listing of World Globes available from World Globe Universe, resetting all of your previous filtering selections in the process.

Using the Where Am I Indicator... The Where Am I Indicator appears at the top of all sub pages, just below the page title. Sometimes referred to as "bread crumbs" this handy tool serves the same purpose as the bread crumbs in the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Unlike the bread crumbs in the Fairy Tale, the Where Am I Indicator will not be eaten by birds and will therefore serve to guide you through the site. The Where Am I Indicator provides a visual reference showing your exact location on the site, as well as how you reached your current page selection. This means that not only do you know where you are, but you can also find your way back to any previous point in your search results.

The example image shows the position, format and functionality of our Where Am I Indicator. As you can see, the first three entries are blue colored hyper-links. The fourth entry is standard text and reflects the same information as the current page title. This format provides you with a visual path of how you got to your current location as well as handy shortcuts that function to return you to any previous page along the way.

In our example, if you want to continue to view Political Floor Globes but want to consider an Ocean Color other than Antique, you would simply click on "Political" and you will be taken directly to the page showing all Political Floor Globes. At this point you would simply choose an alternate Ocean Color selection from the Globe Selection Assistant and you will be presented with your new viewing options. What a great way to travel...and all from the comfort of your favorite chair!

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