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Globe University

Your World Globe information resource.

Buy your World Globe from the best online selection...The Globe University is the educational portal of World Globe Universe. If you arrived here while searching for a World Globe, don’t miss this opportunity to check out the incomparable World Globe selection at World Globe Universe.

You are encouraged to take full advantage of the wealth of information available here in the Globe University. Please take all the time you need to browse and investigate this incredible resource!

What can you expect?
Globe University recognizes that all the knowledge in the world is of little value if you can’t access what you need. As a result, you will find the Globe University provides multiple ways for you to approach your acquisition of knowledge.
• To begin with, you will find a General Index consisting of navigation links located on the left side of all Globe University pages. This index allows you move from section to section as you “browse” the information the Globe University has compiled for you.
• You can also use the World Globe Universe Site Search Function to look up information on specific topics of interest. Simply type in the word or phrase you are looking for, select “Go” and the search tool will show you any information that matches your request.
• Finally, the Globe University has an extensive network of Relevant Links that will connect you to a “Universe” of knowledge ranging from content published by the experts to explanations suitable for inquisitive young minds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The World Globe Universe Frequently Asked Questions resource provides answers to many of the common questions people have about World Globes. If you have a question that is not currently answered please let us know. We will cheerfully add new questions and answers as they arise.

For those who are interested in the history of World Globe Universe, this resource provides a historical overview of the company and this site. If you need further information please let us know.

Learning Exercises and Experiments

Geography and World Globe learning exercises and experiments. These exercises are a great learning resource for educators and parents alike.

World Globe Article Directory

If you are interested in learning more about geography in general and earth globes in particular, you are invited to enjoy the information contained in our comprehensive directory of World Globe articles. Each article selected has been screened to ensure it will be of interest to discerning globe enthusiasts.

World Globe Collectors Information

If you are searching for information on discontinued and out of production World Globes, then check out this incomparable resource. This amazing list contains detailed information on all types of Earth globes and models that have gone out of production since 2006.

Additional Geographic Resources

World Globe Information Sites

Library of Congress - General index of the Library of Congress
Ellen Eliza Fitz exhibit - Exhibit on the early history of globe manufacturing in America. Ellen Eliza Fitz obtained a patent in 1875 on a method to mount globes that would show the position of the sun, the length of days, nights, and twilight for the entire year.
James Wilson exhibit - Library of Congress exhibit on the early history of globe manufacturing in America. The first commercial globe manufacturer in America, James Wilson, circa 1810.

Additonal Non-Geographic Resources

Ant Farm Universe Insect University
The Space Directory - Your portal to online Space resources.
World Globe Universe is continually searching out new information for the Globe University and regularly adds the very best of what we find. This ongoing infusion of new information makes it unlikely you will ever run out of opportunities to learn and stretch your imagination with new knowledge and ideas. World Globe Universe hopes the Globe University will become one of your favorite and most useful destinations on the World Wide Web!

If you have information you would like to share with our other friends that frequent the Globe University, please submit the Question/Suggestion form located on the right side of this page. The Globe University would be delighted to review your submission and let you know if/how we can assist you.

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