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Basic Celestial Globe

Basic Celestial Globe
Basic Celestial Globe, white backgroundBasic Celestial Globe, black backgroundBasic Celestial Globe, closeup of earth
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Explore the universe with your own personal Celestial Sphere...
Created by Hubbard Scientific, the Basic Celestial Globe is designed for easy desktop display and is well suited for both structured and personal educational use. This detailed model of the celestial sphere, as viewed from earth, displays over 500 individual stars, consisting of the 50 brightest stars along with those that make up the most well known constellations.
In addition to displaying the shapes and names of the constellations, the celestial sphere also shows the outline of the milky way, along with bright star clusters such as the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Small Magellanic Cloud. The magnitude or apparent brightness of individual stars is easily determined by the comparative size of the star indicator.
At the center of the celestial globe is a 3 inch model of the earth. The earth globe is axially mounted on a rod which allows the earth to be rotated independently of the outer sphere. The celestial sphere also contains a miniature model of the sun which is configured to rotate around the earth, displaying the apparent path the sun traces across the sky during the various seasons of the year.
Available at a fraction of the cost of the larger 16 inch Starship Earth II Celestial Sphere, the Basic Celestial Globe is a cost effective way to bring the visible universe into your home or classroom. The star markers, right ascension and declination grid, and constellation names are all printed and molded on the inside surface of the sphere, leaving the smooth outer surface available for marking with a wax pencil, crayon, or other non permanent marking device. When your study session is completed, simply wipe of the wax marking and you are ready to start your next exploratory adventure.
The included 28 page users guide is correlated to the National Science Standards recommended in 1996 by the National Research Council. The provided standards guides are targeted for grades 6 through 8 and grades 9 through 12. The celestial globe can be used to;
  • Identify and locate specific stars
  • Identify and locate constellations
  • Examine apparent motion or progression of the stars and constellations
  • Explore the causes of seasonal changes
  • Examine the apparent motion of the sun
  • Observe the stars, specific to any location and time
  • Use as a sundial and determine sunrise/sunset times

Experience the fun and learning made possible by your own celestial sphere!

MSRP $127.87
Style Table Globe
Sphere Diameter 12 Inch (30.5 cm)
Brand Name Hubbard Scientific
Inner Globe Diameter 3 Inch (7.6 cm)
Ocean Color Blue
Features Space/Celestial, Educational, Acrylic
Base Style Detatchable
Base Composition Acrylic
Base Finish Clear
Height 14.5 Inch (37 cm)
Product Weight 3 lbs.
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