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Mars, Celestial Globe

Mars, Celestial Globe
View of Mars centered on 0 degree longitudeView of Mars centered on 110 degree longitudeCloseup of 60 degree square of the Martian planetary surface
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The object of intense exploration, Mars has remained stubbornly beyond our reach, until now. This accurately detailed model of the red planet invites young and old alike to explore the mysteries that were once the substance of fanciful tales.

Displayed on a stylized base, this extraordinary 12 inch diameter globe accurately depicts the geographical features of the Martian surface, including craters, plains, volcanos, valleys, mountain ranges, and polar ice caps. Never before has it been possible to so readily join in the exploration of our planetary neighbor. The detailed Mars globe incudes landing site locations for the Viking and Mars Pathfinder missions as well as the two Mars Exploration Rovers missions, Spirit and Opportunity.

The globe cartography is a composite of more than 6,000 images from the Viking orbiters and has been produced in cooperation with NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey. The globe identifies approximately 140 surface features and locations by their official names, making it possible to easily coordinate your viewing with other scientific sources. For example; the "Gale" crater, landing site of the Curiosity rover, is clearly shown and identified. Unlike flat maps and photos, the versatile Mars globe allows the viewer to easily conceptulaize and understand the relative positions and distances involved in past and present exploration missions.

Your globe ships with an informative booklet detailing many of the exploratory missions sent to Mars and the scientific information developed as a result. The 16 page booklet was produced by Sky & Telescope Media and contains an informative article by Michael H. Carr of the U.S. Geological Survey. Containing nearly two dozen high resolution photographs and informative illustrations, this comprehensive guide is certain to enhance your enjoyment of your Mars globe.
MSRP $99.99
Style Table Globe
Globe Diameter 12 Inch (30 cm)
Brand Name Sky & Telescope
Color Red
Features Educational, Space/Celestial
Base Composition Plastic
Base Finish Clear
Height 14 Inch (36 cm)
Width 12 Inch (30 cm)
Depth 12 Inch (30 cm)
Product Weight 2 lbs.
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