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Sunlit Table Globe

Sunlit Table Globe
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The Sunlit is an incomparable educational treasure, whether used one on one in your family or with dozens of students in your classroom! The Sunlit has been thoughtfully designed, from the ground up, to encourage inquisitive young minds to explore the wonders of our world. As a parent or educator there are a host of reasons why you should make the Sunlit a part of your child’s life.

The Sunlit boasts the full complement of features you would expect in any quality reference globe. The Sunlit features a 12 inch globe with vibrant blue oceans. The detailed cartography is dual display, showing political boundaries when illuminated and physical features when the light is off. The Sunlit is mounted on a “tip resistant” oak finished stand which provides not only stability but excellent visibility as well.

Looking beyond the typical features of a reference globe is where the Sunlit really shines!

The Sunlit is designed to rotate once every 24 hours, faithfully duplicating the rotational cycle of the earth. With its internal lighting system the Sunlit accurately displays the day and a night cycle induced as the earth rotates in relationship to the sun. The innovative month gauge allows the user to set the inclination of the earth to match its actual inclination in relationship to the sun, thus displaying how the changing exposure to the sunlight brings about the seasons on the earth.

The Sunlit is also a great way to learn about time. By setting the time ring to match your local time zone, you can quickly and easily determine the time at any location on the earth. With the built in 24 hour rotational period, the inquisitive learner can watch the inexorable advance of daylight and darkness as they chase each other endlessly across the face of the globe.

The Sunlit also makes a warm and comforting night light. What better way to help a youngster become comfortable with nighttime, bedtime and the normal human sleep cycle? As a natural consequence of observation, youngsters will gain an instinctive grasp of time and its relationship to the cycles of daytime and nighttime.

For children of all ages, the Sunlit touches something buried deep inside, that endless fascination of watching the glorious sunrises and sunsets that make up our lives. Give the gift of “Wonder” to your loved one today!

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Discontinued Date 2011
Last Selling Price $358.99
MSRP Price $399.00
Style Table Globe
Globe Diameter 12 Inch (30 cm)
Brand Name Cram
Ocean Color Blue
Features Illuminated, daily rotation of earth
Political/Physical Political & Physical
US States Identified Yes
Base Composition Wood
Base Finish Faux Oak
Height 17 Inch (44 cm)
Width 16 Inch (41 cm)
Depth 12 Inch (30 cm)
Product Weight 11 lbs.
Electrical North American Power (120V 60Hz)
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