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E14 Socket Light Bulb

Some owners of Illuminated Stellanova World Globes have reported difficulty in finding replacement light bulbs when their original bulb burns out. This problem seems to be particularly acute for owners living in smaller towns and rural areas. In response to the sometimes frustrating challenge of finding these specialty bulbs, World Globe Universe is pleased to offer a choice of replacement light bulbs for your illuminated Stellanova Globe.

This information applies to the following 11 inch diameter Stellanova globes*;
• Athens
• Children’s Globe
• Dublin
• Lisbon
• Madrid

While the electrical wiring of each of the 11 inch diameter illuminated Stellanova globes has been modified to conform to North American electrical codes, they retain a European style light socket. The light bulb socket is an E14 size, which is sized differently than light bulbs commonly sold in the US and Canada.

The illuminated Stellanova globes come from the factory with a 25 watt, T8 bulb style, E14 socket bulb. These 25 watt, 130 volt bulbs provide plenty of light even when viewing your illuminated globe during daytime conditions. The downside of the 25 watt bulb is that it can actually be a bit too bright for comfortable use as a night light.

World Globe Universe offers two choices in replacement bulbs for the illuminated Stellanova Globes. The 25T8E14 is a direct replacement for the original incandescent light bulb. It has the full size glass envelope and 25 watt rating of the original bulb.

The 12T5.5E14 has a smaller glass envelope and produces slightly less than half the light of the 25 watt bulb. This incandescent bulb is perfect for mood lighting or for when you want to use your globe as a night light. It also works well in situations where your globe is not subject to direct sunlight or bright back lighting conditions.

Purchase your replacement bulb from World Globe Universe and get your beautiful Stellanova Globe glowing again!

*Note: Starting in 2009, the Stellanova globes manufactured for sale in the US come with an 'E12' or more commonly known as a 'Candelabra' size socket. The E12 socket is a standard US size which you can purchase at most stores in the US that sell light bulbs. Before purchasing replacement bulbs for your 11 inch Stellanova globe, confirm whether it uses the European E14 or the US E12 base size. The light bulbs are NOT interchangeable so be sure you purchase the correct replacement bulb.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
These are great!We got the 12 watt bulb for the children's globe because my son uses the globe as a night light. I was so pleased to find this site. I've been looking for a replacement bulb in stores for months and finally worked out that the bulb wasn't a standard size and I had to order one. This site made the bulb identification and wattage choice extremely easy. The bulbs arrived well packaged and work. Written by Michelle on Fri 20 Aug 2010 5:45:19 AM GMT
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