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Terra Magic™ Desk Globe

Terra Magic™ Desk Globe
Terra Magic modern Blue/Silver GlobeTerra Magic Geographical GlobeTerrra Magic Antique Ocean GlobeTerra Magic Antique Ocean Closeup
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Terra Magic desk globes are the low price alternative when considering a continuous rotation earth globe. In spite of their low price, don’t be deceived into thinking they are low quality. Each Terra Magic globe features up to date cartography, overlaid on the durable plastic globe. The result is enhanced longevity on a small but functional reference globe.

The equatorial junction is secured by a friction grip connection which allows the hemispheres to be separated for easy installation or replacement of the AA battery. With the insertion of the AA battery, your Terra Magic globe will begin to rotate at a consistent 18 revolutions per minute. The rotational direction is easily reversed utilizing the “press and release” directional control.

Available in three distinctive models, there is sure to be a color combination to suit your tastes and complement your décor. Each Terra Magic globe includes an elegant crystal base, perfectly proportioned to display your preferred globe to its best advantage.

The Blue/Silver Terra Magic globe is designed for display in homes and offices decorated with a modern flair. The deep blue oceans provide a dramatic contrast to the gleaming silver continents. Individual country boundaries are outlined in navy blue, matching the ocean color. The equator ring is silver, matching the color of the continents. For an elegant modern statement, the Blue/Silver Terra Magic globe is the best choice.

The Blue Ocean Geographic Terra Magic globe is perfect for those who prefer a realistic representation of the earth. The Geographic globe features sea blue oceans, with earth tone continents that reflect the vegetative cover of each geographic region. The equator ring is metallic silver, providing a crisp contrast to the blue oceans and vegetation colored continents. Individual countries are faithfully defined in an unobtrusive black hairline, with country names overlaid in plain white text. The polar ice caps are defined in brilliant snowy white, with the location identifiers called out in black text. With its motorized rotation and detailed geographic cartography, the Geographic Terra Magic globe provides a space eye view of our planet earth.

The Classic Terra Magic globe is rich with political information. Featuring parchment toned antique oceans; individual countries are shaded in contrasting pastel colors for easier identification. Country names are boldly proclaimed in rust colored uppercase text, with major cities and US States identified in plain black text. Latitude and longitude lines are called out in 10 degree increments, with the equator represented in metallic silver. To assist in the conversion from the 10 degree longitude lines, to the standard15 degree time zones, the Classic globe displays a series of handy time indicators printed along the 60 degree south latitude line. At just 5 inches in diameter, the Terra Magic Classic packs an amazing amount of information into its detailed cartography! If you are looking for an engaging reference globe, the Classic Terra Magic is hard to beat.

With classic looks that would be comfortable residing on any home or office desk, yet inexpensive enough to purchase as a child’s globe, the Terra Magic globes are a great gift giving option for a host of occasions! Who do you know that would love to own one?

Requires 1 “AA” battery for operation.

Caution: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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Last Selling Price $22.97
MSRP Price $30.00
Style Desk Globe
Globe Diameter 5 Inch (13 cm)
Brand Name Terra Magic
Ocean Color Blue/Silver - Blue Ocean, Geographical - Blue Ocean, Classic - Antique Ocean
Features Revolving
Political/Physical Blue/Silver & Classic - Political, Geographical - Physical
US States Identified Blue/Silver & Geographical - No, Classic - Yes
Base Composition Crystal
Base Finish Clear
Height 8 Inch (20 cm)
Width 5 Inch (13 cm)
Depth 5 Inch (13 cm)
Product Weight 2 lbs.
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