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MOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Desk Globe

MOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Desk Globe
MOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globes on the Small Crystal BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Medium Crystal BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Tall Crystal BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Aluminum BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Bronze BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Wood BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Arched Black Pedestal Base MOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Arched Wood Pedestal BaseMOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Square Black Pedestal Base MOVA 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe on Square Wood Pedestal Base
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Fascinating continuous rotation Cobalt Blue & Silver decorative Earth Globe…

Rotating silently on its transparent acrylic stand, the Continuous Rotation Cobalt Blue & Silver MOVA globe joins the growing family of high tech MOVA Globe products. Blissfully unaware of its seeming violation of the laws of thermodynamics, the  Cobalt Blue & Silver MOVA Globe rotates without batteries, winding, or unsightly electrical cords. In fact,  the Cobalt Blue MOVA globe has no visible means of propulsion, which simply increases its almost magical appeal.

The 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver Globe is the perfect accent for any home or office decorated in a modern style. For MOVA Globe enthusiasts, the Cobalt Blue & Silver is a beautiful addition to the exclusive  Boutique line of MOVA globes. Featuring a completely new color scheme, the Cobalt Blue & Silver globe made its debut at the end of 2011.

This Cobalt Blue & Silver MOVA Globe combines state-of-the-art science with elegant form to create a truly stunning masterpiece. Rotating in a West to East or counterclockwise direction, this decorative accent globe faithfully reproduces the endless rotation of our own planet earth. As you gaze upon the smooth, continuous rotation of this contemporary world globe, you will find your stress seems to magically melt away under the mesmerizing influence imparted by this striking sphere.

The accurate cartography on this decorative globe details land masses, oceans, seas, and countries. The elegant silver of the continents contrasts with the cobalt blue oceans. Individual countries are unobtrusively outlined using cobalt blue hairline borders. The entire composition comes together to form a distinctive modern globe, perfectly suited to accent the most elegant décor and satisfy the most discerning tastes.

For consistently authentic operation, the weighted nature of the internal drive mechanism ensures that the North Pole always orients itself to the top of the globe. Placed anywhere in your home or office with access to normal room light, while positioned away from large metal objects or strong magnetic fields, the MOVA globe will provide countless hours of virtually maintenance free operation. Developed in the United States, the cunning design and exacting application of physical laws in the MOVA globe creates an unparalleled viewing and ownership experience. If you are interested in better understanding the science behind how the MOVA globe works, please review our informative explanation that explains the operational principles of this amazing globe.

If you ever feel frazzled, overworked, or mentally exhausted, you owe it to yourself to experience firsthand the soothing rotational motion of this exquisite cobalt blue & silver globe and the serene mental focus it provides. While it may not equal a day of pampering yourself at a spa, you will be absolutely amazed how much better you feel after even a few minutes of soothing observation.

If you have ever suffered from MOVA Globe envy, longing to bring one of the original 6" MOVA globes or the even larger 8.5" MOVA Globes into your home or office, you can now treat yourself to this slightly smaller 4.5" Cobalt Blue & Silver MOVA globe at less than half the price of it larger siblings! Whether you purchase it for yourself or for that special someone you long to impress, the 4.5 inch Cobalt Blue & Silver Earth Globe is a gift that will be treasured for a life time!

Operational Considerations: MOVA globes are designed for operation indoors under room light conditions. Do not expose your MOVA globe to direct sunlight for extended periods. Operate and store your MOVA globe within the temperature range of 40 F to 100 F with moderate humidity.

You might also be interested in the MOVA Globes The Inside Story eBook. The most comprehensive examination that has ever been written about these fascinating globes. If you wish to check out this detailed book, follow this link and order a copy today.

MSRP $135.00
Style Desk Globe
Globe Diameter 4.5 Inch (11.5 cm)
Brand Name MOVA
Ocean Color Cobalt Blue
Features Continuous Rotation
Political/Physical Political
US States Identified No
Base Composition Acrylic
Base Finish Transparent
Height 7 Inch (18 cm)
Width 4.5 inch (11.5 cm)
Depth 4.5 Inch (11.5 cm)
Product Weight 2 lbs.
Link to MOVA Globe video. View amazing video of MOVA Globes in action!
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