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MOVA 6" Antique Ocean Desk Globe

MOVA 6" Antique Ocean Desk Globe
MOVA 6" Antique Ocean Globe on Crystal BaseMOVA 6" Antique Ocean Globe on Polished Aluminum BaseMOVA 6" Antique Ocean Globe on Bronze BaseMOVA 6" Antique Ocean Globe on Wood Base
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Fascinating continuous rotation Antique Ocean Earth Globe…

The Continuous Rotation Antique Ocean Political Earth Globe is one of the original 6” MOVA globes. Once again available after a 3 year absence from the US market, the newly revised Antique Ocean MOVA globe cunningly combines state-of-the-art science with elegant form to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Rotating in a West to East or counterclockwise direction, this antique ocean globe faithfully reproduces the endless rotation of our own planet earth. As you gaze upon the smooth, continuous rotation of this world globe, it is not hard to imagine yourself stationary in space as the earth turns majestically below you.

Rotating silently on its elegant acrylic stand, the Continuous Rotation MOVA globe is blissfully unaware of its apparent violation of the laws of thermodynamics. While we all know that perpetual motion is impossible, you may have a difficult time convincing yourself that you are not witnessing the first real life example of perpetual motion in action!

The Continuous Rotation MOVA globe requires no electrical cords, no batteries, no mechanical winding, in fact virtually no human intervention to keep it rotating. For consistently authentic operation, the weighted nature of the internal drive mechanism ensures that the North Pole always orients itself to the top of the globe. Developed in the United States, the unique design and unusual application of technology in the MOVA globe really does adhere fully to the laws of thermodynamics. If you are interested in how the MOVA globe works, please take advantage of our informative explanation.

Newly revised for the reintroduction of the Antique Ocean MOVA Globe, the accurate cartography details land masses, oceans, seas, countries, major cities, and rivers. Individual countries are rendered using a vivid color palette, allowing the user to easily distinguish political boundaries. Although more colorful than the original 6 inch antique MOVA Globe, the new color scheme is still subdued enough to allow the antique ocean globe to blend beautifully with almost any décor.

Placed anywhere in your home or office with access to normal room light, while positioned away from large metal objects or strong magnetic fields, the MOVA globe will provide countless hours of virtually maintenance free operation. Experience for yourself the soothing rotational motion of the antique ocean globe and the relaxing mental focus it provides.

This 6” Antique Ocean MOVA globe is perfect for employee recognition, service awards, promotional events, executive gift giving, or just to show someone how much you really care. Whether you purchase it for yourself or for that important person in your life, the 6 inch continuous rotation MOVA globe is a gift that will be treasured for a life time!

Operational Considerations: The MOVA globe is designed for operation indoors under room light conditions. Do not expose the MOVA globe to direct sunlight for extended periods. Operate and store your MOVA globe within the temperature range of 40 F to 100 F with moderate humidity.

You might also be interested in the MOVA Globes The Inside Story eBook. The most comprehensive examination that has ever been written about these fascinating globes. If you wish to check out this detailed book, follow this link and order a copy today.

Last Selling Price $249.99
MSRP $250.00
Style Desk Globe
Globe Diameter 6 Inch (15 cm)
Brand Name MOVA
Ocean Color Antique
Features Continuous Rotation
Political/Physical Political
US States Identified Yes
Base Composition Acrylic
Base Finish Transparent
Height 10 Inch (25 cm)
Width 6 inch (15 cm)
Depth 6 Inch (15 cm)
Product Weight 4 lbs. 13 oz.
Link to MOVA Globe video. View amazing video of MOVA Globes in action!
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