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As part of World Globe Universe’s philosophy of transparency and full information disclosure to our customers, we have prepared the following information to help you understand your shipping choices.
Special Bonus, this World Globe Ships FREE!On select items within, you will find that we offer "Honest to Goodness" FREE Shipping. These items are identified by the "Ships Free" symbol on the individual product page. To qualify for free shipping, the item must ship by our standard ground carrier for delivery within the 48 contiguous states. All other items and shipping methods are subject to the normal shipping rates as defined below.

Standard Shipping, including UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, & USPS Parcel Post; $7.75 for the first pound + $1.00 per additional pound (dimensional weight).

Economy Air, including UPS 3-DAY Air, FedEx Express Saver & USPS Priority Mail; $18.75 for the first pound + $2.50 per additional pound (dimensional weight). Economy Air is limited to the 48 contiguous States.

Shipments to Alaska & Hawaii; $26.75 for the first pound + $2.65 per additional pound (dimensional weight).

Overnight Shipments; limited to “in stock items”, call or e-mail for delivery quote, billed at actual shipping cost.

Motor carrier shipments; call or e-mail for delivery quote, billed at actual shipping cost, customer must arrange for offloading the shipment and transport from the “dock/curb” to the customer’s premises.

International shipments; call or e-mail for delivery quote, billed at actual shipping cost, customer is responsible for all taxes/duties and customs fees.

World Globe Universe chooses the carrier for Standard Ground Shipments based on a balance of several competing factors. Among these, we consider cost, speed of delivery, and convenience for our customers. In addition, we also consider the impacts of the weight, shipping distance, and physical size of the merchandise being shipped. Rest assured, your order will always be shipped via the carrier that provides the most reliable and convenient service while keeping your shipping rates as reasonable as possible.

The price element… All of the major shippers consider both weight and volume when calculating their shipping fees. World globes are somewhat unique in that their shipping volume typically is much higher than their weight would warrant. Because of the relatively high volume, as compared to their weight, most of our shipments are classified as “Oversize Packages” and consequently fall into a more expensive fee structure.

Depending on the dimensions of the package, the oversize classification is broken down into “Oversize 1” and “Oversize 2”, with a correspondingly higher price for larger packages. There are some packages that exceed the size constraints express carriers have imposed for packages they can transport. Shipments that are too large for express carriers must be shipped by “Motor Carrier” which is an entirely different, and usually slower, freight classification.

The speed element… There are essentially two methods for transporting consumer shipments within the continental United States. You can ship via ground transport or by air transport. The obvious advantage of air transport is the much quicker delivery times. The disadvantage of air transport is the much higher costs that are associated with it. The converse is true for ground transport, with the comparative delivery time being somewhat slower while the costs are lower as well. Using UPS as an example, a typical ground shipment will take from 1 to 6 business days for delivery and will be roughly 30% to 40% of the cost of a 3 day air shipment.

The convenience element… UPS, FedEx and USPS are all “door to door” shippers, as compared with motor carriers which are normally “dock side” or “curb side” delivery carriers. For this reason we recommend the express carriers as the more convenient option for you. We will always choose an express carrier for your orders unless the dimensional weight exceeds the upper limits of what they will transport. (Those items that must be shipped via motor carrier are noted on the individual product pages.)

Multiple carton shipments… Some of our larger globes, particularly the floor globes, actually ship in 2 and even 3 separate cartons. A shipment of 3 oversize cartons via an express ground carrier is typically more cost effective than the same shipment by motor carrier. In all instances where we ship by express carrier, we will show a total dimensional weight for all of the shipping cartons. This cumulative weight calculation explains why you may notice some globes with a dimensional weight in excess of 150 pounds, while the product weight may be as little as 1/3 as much. Another reason for large dimensional weights is if you order multiple globes at one time. In these cases, as in the previous example, the dimensional weight of all the cartons will be added together to calculate the total shipping cost.

Insurance… All shipments include insurance* for the full price of the contents. Since all shipments are FOB our distribution warehouse(s), we feel it is in your best interests to make sure your products are fully insured for loss and breakage. (*Insurance coverage provided by the carrier or self insured by Interface Network Inc.)

Calculating your shipping costs… The UPS and other online shipping calculators are only capable of supporting a single originating zip code. Due to the fact that World Globe Universe ships our world globes from several geographically separate warehouses, the online shipping calculators cannot be used on our site. For this reason we have developed a simple formula based calculation you can use to figure the shipping costs for your purchase.

Each item on our web site has a “Product Weight” and a “Dimensional Weight” listed. The product weight is provided so you have a reasonable indicator of how heavy the item will be when it is unpacked and on display in your home or office. The dimensional weight is used to calculate the shipping cost when considering the weight to volume ratio. World Globe Universe has established a $7.75 base rate for a 1 pound (dimensional weight) ground delivery in the contiguous 48 States. For each additional pound of dimensional weight we will increase the shipping fee by $1.00, which will include the appropriate factors for package weight, package volume, and package value.

The purchase of a fictitious 7 pound “Spectacular Globe”, with a dimensional weight of 12 pounds would result in the following shipping charges. A base fee of $7.75 would apply for the first pound, along with $11.00 for the additional 11 pounds of dimensional weight, for a total of $18.75 in shipping charges. Don’t worry, the appropriate shipping charges are calculated automatically during the checkout process. We just want to make sure you know the full cost for your purchase from World Globe Universe. As part of our Value Guarantee we want to make it possible for you to compare and to ensure there are no surprises!

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