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Alexander Kalifano, importer of beautiful Gemstone World Globes. logoWorld Globe Universe is proud to represent the exclusive Alexander Kalifano line of Gemstone Globes. Maintaining the highest standards for quality and artistry, Alexander Kalifano is a premier importer of world class Gemstone Globes.

Representing hundreds of hours of painstaking craftsmanship and artistry, each Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globe is the result of a meticulous hand crafting process. The attention to detail begins with the selection of the individual imported gemstones that will be used on the globe. Chosen for appropriate size and exacting quality, each stone is hand cut into the shape of the individual country and is carefully fitted to mirror the stones making up the adjacent countries.

Positioning of individual Country Gemstones on Gemstone Globe core. imageOnce the desired shape is attained, the stone is painstakingly beveled on the underside to match the contour of the surface of the globe core to which it will be affixed. This process allows the individual stones to "lie flat" against the curved surface of the globe core.

Once fitted to the adjoining country stones, as well as to the contour of the globe core, the individual country stones are secured to the globe core in their geographically correct position.

When all of the country stones have been affixed to the globe core, it is time to add the oceans. There are two methods of crafting the oceans on Alexander Kalifano Gemstones Globes.

The first method involves the fitting of individual matching gemstones to cover the expanse of the ocean. As with the fitting of the stones used to portray the individual countries and continents, extreme care is taken to ensure a precise fit with all the adjacent gemstones. Utilizing this painstaking process, the oceans of the resulting globe appear to have been crafted from a single gemstone!

The second method involves creating a mixture of Mother of Pearl and Abalone shells, which are crushed to a powder and combined with a bonding resin. Crushed gemstone or color enhancing dye is added to the slurry in order to achieve the desired ocean color. Using a special mold, the resulting slurry is applied to the surface of the globe core in such a way that it completely surrounds the country stones that have already been positioned.

Once the slurry is in place, the globe is placed in a device that causes the mixture to harden and cure. The result is a globe which retains the iridescent glow of the original shells while giving the appearance of waves and motion on the surface of the oceans!

Once the oceans are completed, it is time to lay out the latitude and longitude lines on the globe. This process is accomplished using dividers to ensure a precise and accurate positioning. Hand applied, the latitude and longitude lines consist of a 24K Gold plated, or Antique Silver plated, brass ribbon. With the latitude and longitude lines accurately applied, the country and city labels are hand applied in the geographically correct positions.

Final polishing of a beautiful Gemstone Globe. imageThe next step is the application of multiple coats of a polyurethane sealer to provide a beautiful and durable protective finish to the globe. Once the finish coating is cured, the globe is hand polished to a brilliant sheen, revealing the glistening beauty that has been handcrafted into each and every step of the creation process.

In a final white glove process, the finished globe is mounted to its chosen display stand and meridian. While all of the meridians are metal, the base for the Gemstone Globe can be either metal or stone.

The metal meridians and bases are plated in a brilliant 24K Gold or Antique Silver finish. The stone bases are crafted in much the same way the oceans on the Gemstone Globe are crafted. A slurry of crushed gemstone and resin are cast to produce a unified composition that matches the ocean color of the Gemstone Globe.

NOTE: Unlike traditional World Globes, Gemstone Globes should be considered as a reference tool on a purely incidental basis. Crafted primarily as a work of art, there are no "globe upgrade" options available for Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globes to keep them up-to-date with changing cartographic conditions in the world.

Images Copyright Kalifano Inc., used with permission, Interface Network Inc.
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