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Magellan Globes provides a comprehensive line of World Globes, ranging from traditional Reference Globes, to Wooden Bar Globes, to stunning Gemstone Globes.

Manufactured in their factory in China, Magellan Globes is one of the few World Globe manufacturers that create almost all of their World Globe components in house. Skilled employees perform every step of the manufacturing process, from the foundry where the stand components are poured, to the setting and polishing of the stones in each individual Gemstone Globe, to the final assembly and inspection of each globe.

Comparison view of Illuminated Magellan Gemstone Globe with the light on and the light off Despite their extensive product line, Magellan Globes is perhaps best known for their Starlight series of Illuminated Gemstone Globes. The Starlight Gemstone Globes combine the incomparable beauty of a Gemstone Globe with the elegance and lighting flexibility of an illuminated globe. This extraordinary combination is achieved through exacting manufacturing processes that surpass the capabilities of many Gemstone Globe manufacturers. To achieve the necessary translucence, the Starlight globes contain only select gemstones which are set in a globe wall that is maintained at only half the thickness of non illuminated Gemstone Globes.

The muted mood lighting of the Starlight globes will put you in mind of the softly glowing Magellanic Clouds. Visible only from the southern hemisphere, the large and small Magellanic Clouds are actually small local galaxies that were viewed by Magellan during his attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Magellan is credited with being the first European to view the cloudlike masses of stars that now bear his name. View of Magellan Monticello Gemstone Globe with Small Magellanic Cloud star background The stunning image of the Small Magellanic Cloud, taken by the Hubble Telescope, is the perfect example of the beauty from which the inspiration for the Starlight Gemstone Globes is drawn.

Magellan Globes is also the exclusive manufacturer of the popular Earth Globe line of Gemstone Globe Christmas ornaments. At 3 inches in diameter, the Earth Globe ornaments are perfectly sized for display on Christmas trees. Weighing approximately 4 ounces, the gemstone Earth Globe ornaments are best displayed on an artificial Christmas tree or on a very sturdy branch of a live Christmas tree.

Purchase your Magellan Starlight Illuminated Gemstone Globe from World Globe Universe, your authorized Magellan Globes dealer.

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