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MOVA Globe Tips & Helps

How the Continuous Rotation MOVA globe works

The MOVA globe consists of two spheres, an inner sphere containing the drive mechanism and which is encapsulated inside a fluid filled transparent outer sphere.

The inner globe is suspended in an almost friction free environment, much like the earth itself. This is achieved because the globe has the same average density as the fluid it floats in. The result is the inner globe floats approximately equidistant from the top and bottom of the outer globe. In addition, as the inner globe rotates, the fluid distributes itself uniformly around the sphere preventing any contact between the inner and outer spheres. At the low rotational speed of the inner globe the friction experienced by the inner sphere is extremely low.

The inner sphere is covered with a graphic design that is constructed so as to allow a portion of the light spectrum to pass through the pigment of the image. Housed within the inner sphere is an array of photovoltaic cells, commonly referred to as solar cells. Energy is harvested from the light that passes through to the interior of the inner sphere and is applied to power the drive mechanism.

The inner sphere also houses a permanent magnet that aligns itself to the magnetic field of the earth. It may help to envision the way a compass works. The earth's magnetic field is able to “reach inside” a compass and rotate its magnetically sensitive needle to align it with the earth's magnetic field. When the North indicating end of the needle settles into alignment with the earth’s magnetic field, it will continue to point north even when the case of the compass is rotated around the center point of the compass. On more expensive compasses, the chamber around the needle is filled with fluid to dampen the effects of movement upon the needle. Much the same effect is experienced inside the MOVA globe.

The motion provided by the photo electric drive mechanism pushes against the “solid” reference point provided by the magnet which is aligned with the earth’s magnetic field. The earth's magnetic field pushes against the magnet in the drive mechanism much as it pushes against the compass to move and hold it in alignment with the earth’s magnetic poles. Due to the extremely low friction exerted on the inner sphere, the very low powered drive mechanism is able to overcome the inertia and drive the comparatively high mass of the inner sphere.

The graphic on the inner globe floats about 1/4 inch below the surface of the outer sphere, but the optical qualities of the suspension fluid and the outer acrylic shell tend to magnify the inner globe. The result is that the surface of the inner globe appears to be superimposed on the outside surface of the outer globe. This creates the optical illusion that the outer globe is actually spinning upon it acrylic stand or any other solid surface it may be resting upon.

While it may appear to be magic, in reality it is all a matter of science which has been applied to create a new and wonderful earth globe experience.

Enjoy this short video clip showing the MOVA Globes in operation

Tips for getting the best results from your MOVA Globe

Assemble the enclosed stand by inserting each of the three acrylic cylinders or “fingers” into the receiving holes in the acrylic base. Make sure that each acrylic “finger” is fully inserted into the hole. Make sure that the flat end of the “finger” is inserted into the hole in the base, leaving the beveled end of the “finger” to support your MOVA globe. This will minimize the potential for scratching your MOVA globe as it rests on its stand.

The outer sphere of your MOVA globe is made by bonding two acrylic hemispheres together. This is done carefully, but even so it is impossible to make the bond line completely invisible. To achieve the best results, the manufacturer suggests aligning the outer sphere so the bond line between the hemispheres is parallel to the equator on the inner globe. This will tend to mask the bonding line and will make it less noticeable.

The fluid in your MOVA globe is injected through a small fill hole that is subsequently sealed. Please orient the outer sphere so the sealed fill hole is located at the South Pole. This will hide the fill hole so it will not detract from your viewing experience.

Your MOVA Globe is designed for indoor use. The manufacturer does not recommend placing your MOVA globe in any location that receives direct sunlight over an extended period of time. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause the graphics of your MOVA globes to fade over time. The MOVA globe is adequately powered by the normal room light found in most indoor environments.

If the ambient light level is too low, your MOVA globe may have difficulties starting up, or may show a speed variation once it is rotating. These symptoms are not a sign of impending failure, and are fixed quite simply by providing more light.

Even with sufficient ambient light, your MOVA Globe may still have trouble turning steadily in some locations, such as high-rise buildings, where the earth's magnetic field is deflected by the iron girders used in the construction of the building. If the earth magnetic field level is suspected of being the cause of irregular globe rotation, the manufacturer recommends:

  1. Trying different locations in your room, particularly by a window, but not in the direct sunlight.
  2. Avoid placing the MOVA globe near any massive iron object such as a refrigerator.
  3. Trying a slightly dimmer light location, because less of the earth’s magnetic field strength is required to stabilize your MOVA globe at a slower rotation speed. The rotational speed of your MOVA globe is directly related to the amount of light reaching the photovoltaic cells. Thus, the dimmer the light, the slower your MOVA globe will rotate.
  4. Sometimes a globe in a weak magnetic field environment will have trouble getting started. This phenomenon is most common when a bright light is suddenly turned on in a previously dark room. If you suspect your MOVA globe is operating in an area with a weaker than normal earth magnetic field, try slowly increasing the intensity of light applied to your MOVA globe. This will allow your MOVA globe to begin rotating without overpowering the reduced holding force provided by the weaker than normal earth’s magnetic field.
  5. Each MOVA globe contains a strong magnet to interact with the earth's magnetic field. If two MOVA globes are placed closer than about 12 inches from each other the magnets can interact with each other and interfere with the globe's normal operation.
  6. Be patient, sometimes it just takes a few minutes for your MOVA globe to get going steadily.
  7. Move the MOVA globe to another room or office.

To achieve the best service and longest life from your MOVA globe, you should follow these cautions:

  1. Avoid any exposure to high heat. Your MOVA globe should not be stored or used outside the range of 40 F to 100 F.
  2. Do not place anything near the north pole of the MOVA globe, such as a mechanical wristwatch, TV screen, or an implanted pacemaker, that can be affected or damaged by a strong magnetic field.
  3. The outer sphere of your MOVA globe is made from carefully selected, high quality acrylic, but it can be scratched by rough handling, or improper cleaning. Take care not to scratch the outer surface by rotating or moving the outer sphere while it is resting on its stand. This is particularly important if you use an alternative stand which is made of something hard like metal. (Improper assembly of the included acrylic stand will increase the potential for scratching. Small superficial scratches can be polished out using slightly abrasive toothpaste and a soft cotton cloth. Apply the toothpaste to the cloth; rub the toothpaste in a circular motion to buff out the scratch. Repeat as necessary to remove the scratch. Rinse with clear water to remove any residual toothpaste. Wipe dry with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth.)
  4. Make sure that whatever stand you use is stable and can hold your MOVA globe securely without the risk of it rolling off of the stand. It is also advisable to use a stand no higher than 9" to reduce the potential of damaging your MOVA globe’s drive mechanism in the event an accidental fall occurs.

Your MOVA globe is covered by a 1 Year, Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Complete details of the warranty are included with your MOVA globe.

For your convenience, the warranty contact information for the manufacturer is:
Attn: Customer Service
Turtle Tech Design, Inc.
1218 West 134th St. Unit 3
Gardena, CA 90247
Tel: 1-310-329-0418
Fax: 1-310-329-0436

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