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About MOVA  Globes
MOVA Globe, manufacturer of innovative World Globes. logoAmerican engineering & unparalleled innovation
TurtleTech Design Inc., was formed to apply technology in an appropriate way in order to make magical new objects that amuse, inspire, and promote tranquility. Creating and selling these innovative products is proving to be a lot of fun. One example of our fun new innovative products is the amazing MOVA globe. Until you understand the science involved, you may be tempted to believe in perpetual motion!

The name TurtleTech Design suits our corporation because while we are a technology company, we understand that faster is not always better. Everyone knows the slow, steady tortoise reaches the goal first and probably sees more along the way.

Purchase your Continuous Rotation MOVA Globe from World Globe Universe, your authorized MOVA Globe dealer.

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We invite you enjoy these exclusive World Globe Universe MOVA Globe videos. We had fun making the videos for you and hope the comparative information is helpful as you choose your favorite MOVA Globe.

Available MOVA Globe products

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Optional Globe Base (SKU: OPTBASE)Optional Globe Base (SKU: OPTBASE)Optional display stands for the popular MOVA Globe. Each base has been tested to ensure compatibility with the MOVA Globe drive system.
MOVA Globes The Inside Story (SKU: MG-EB)MOVA Globes The Inside Story (SKU: MG-EB)MOVA Globes The Inside Story, is the most comprehensive examination that has ever been written about MOVA globes. This is a PFD version of the eBook.
MOVA 6" Antique Ocean Desk Globe (SKU: MG-6-ATE-Discontinued)MOVA 6" Antique Ocean Desk Globe (SKU: MG-6-ATE-Discontinued)6” antique ocean, continuous rotation globe…

This is one of the original 6” MOVA globes that started the whole “Perpetual Motion Globe” craze. Now is your chance to own the original Antique Ocean MOVA Globe that everyone is talking about. Don’t settle for anything less!

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