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Replogle Globes Inc.
Replogle, manufacturer of quality World Globes. logoSeeing a bigger picture since 1930
A unique product, A unique company. A unique story. From its humble beginning in a Chicago apartment, Replogle today is the world's largest globe manufacturer. From handcrafted masterpieces in the offices of presidents and dignitaries to classroom models that help students understand their world, our belief in the globe as a source of wonder hasn't changed.

A brief history of Replogle
To deliver globes to an ever broader audience. That was the vision of Luther Replogle in 1930, and it is our mission to this day. We believe that the appeal of a globe is deeper than its value as a learning tool or home accessory. Luther knew this from the beginning. As a school supply salesman, he took a special interest in globes, believing he could successfully market them to a broader audience.

He was right. What began with hand-assembled globes sold from a Chicago apartment (with maps sourced from England, no less) grew into what you might call a global empire. Behind the rallying cry, "A globe in Every Home," Replogle facilitated the globe's migration from the classroom to the living room. In 1963, Replogle co-founded Scanglobe, going on to purchase the globe manufacturer's remaining interest in 1988 and moving its operations to the U.S. in 2003.

Replogle is the world's leading globe manufacturer, based in a 260,000 square foot facility near Chicago-but some things haven't changed much since 1930. Many of our globes are still painstakingly hand-made by artisans who have spent the better part of their lives with the company. This is indicative of a commitment to quality, a commitment to doing things the right way, and, most importantly, a commitment to the globe itself.

It's exactly what Luther had in mind.

Seventy Five Years of Replogle
It is 1930. The 122 million citizens of the United States brace themselves for what will become known as the Great Depression.

Undaunted, Luther Replogle and his wife, Elizabeth, begin assembling globes in their Chicago apartment. Luther's idea-A Globe in Every Home-flies in the face of the dwindling economy, not to mention logic itself.

Luther believed that the globe was too valuable, too beautiful to be forever relegated to classroom duty. Where he got this idea is anyone's guess. When Luther wasn't making sales calls for a school supply company, he spent his time in the Weber Costello plant, watching globe-makers at work, paying particular attention as they pasted hand-cut map gores to molded hemispheres.

Luther's interest in globes paid off. And in a constantly changing, seemingly shrinking world, his vision is more relevant today than ever. in 1930, Luther thought that a globe might help people make sense of their world. There were floods in the Mississippi River Delta, Fascism on the rise in Europe, Lindbergh attempting to fly across the Atlantic.

Much was going on. The world was a big stage. It still is.

A word on Cartography
The maps on all Replogle Globes show nations, colonies, possessions, boundary lines, and place names as officially approved by the United States Government. Maintenance of the content of these maps requires frequent communication with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Board of Geographic Names, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

In addition to the sources listed above, we communicate with embassies of other nations in Washington D.C. and foreign consulate offices in Chicago, our home base, for help with new changes in boundaries and names. We also use material from official foreign place-name agencies equivalent to our U.S. Sources.

In some regions we note political claims by neighboring nations, but the land color (and border) is shown in accordance with the region's actual political affiliation or status. Similarly, we often show alternative or former place names in parentheses. This is one way our globes serve the ongoing needs of both the serious student and the casual user.

Copyright Replogle Globes Inc., used with permission, Interface Network Inc.
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