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The Art, Craftsmanship, and Science of the Globe

National Geographic, highest quality Reference Globes. imageThe National Geographic Society presents an unsurpassed collection - Globes for the 21st Century - created through a unique partnership of two of the world's most outstanding globe makers, under the direction of National Geographic Maps: Spherical Concepts, Inc. - with two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing globes - and Columbus Globes, with nearly 90 years of experience. Together these world leaders combine world-class expertise to bring you the finest globes available.

When you choose a globe from the National Geographic Society's Globes for the 21st Century collection, you will have the assurance of knowing each conforms to our demanding standards - because each has been created with the artistic beauty, superb craftsmanship, and unerring cartographic data for which National Geographic globes and maps are renowned.

Guaranteed for life. No matter which you choose, you can be assured you will receive a globe of superb craftsmanship, engineered with state-of-the-art technology. Each globe ball is expertly printed on a special stretchable material which can never wear off. Additionally, your globe is shock resistant and virtually unbreakable. Each National Geographic Globe features a time dial at the North Pole which allows you to easily determine time throughout the world. To ensure readability, the globes are created with the same clear, pleasing typefaces that distinguish all National Geographic maps.

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