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As one more service to you, our valued customer, World Globe Universe has created this tips and answer page to address the most frequently asked questions about the amazing Stellanova Levitating Globes.

The number one challenge faced by new owners is getting the globe to levitate. For some it seems to come almost naturally, while others struggle and quickly become frustrated.

Both the 8 inch Titan and 4 inch Magnetic Levitating Globes operate on the same principles. Once you have mastered the basic technique, with a little bit of practice, you will soon be a pro at getting your globe to levitate.

Tip #1: Make sure you place your Stellanova Levitating Globe on a solid foundation. Using a folding card table, or any other surface that will move or vibrate when bumped, will greatly increase the difficulty of achieving levitation, not to mention your frustration level!

Once you have placed the stand of your levitating globe onto a solid surface, connect the provided AC/DC adaptor to the proper AC power outlet. Connect the output connector of the adaptor into the power receptacle on the base of the stand.

Tip #2: When the AC power adaptor is plugged in, the electromagnetic control is active. There is no hidden on/off switch to worry about.

Grasp the globe in both hands, using primarily the tips of your fingers to hold the globe. You want to be able to control the position of the globe while at the same time being able to sense minor vibrations in the globe. The tips of your fingers are highly sensitive to small vibrations and provide good dexterity for controlling the globe.

Tip #3: It may be helpful to rest your forearms on the table to help you hold yourself and the globe steady.

Tip #4: When levitating, the top of the globe will float approximately 10 mm below the upper head of the support stand. (10 mm is roughly equivalent to 3/8 of an inch.)

With power applied, position the globe about 12 to 15 mm (approximately ½ inch) below the upper head of the support stand.

Slowly raise the height of the globe until you begin to feel a slight vibration or quiver in the globe. At this point the electromagnet is beginning to augment the field of the permanent magnet located in the globe’s North Pole. You will feel a slight upward tugging on the globe. Slowly and carefully raise the globe just until the tugging sensation subsides. Gently release the globe by pulling your fingers away. Do not impart any upward or downward force on the globe as you release it. This is the most delicate part of the process and may require some practice to perfect your technique.

When successfully released, the Stellanova Levitating globe will settle effortlessly into its hovering position.

On the other hand, if you raise the height of the globe a little too much, it will bring the metal head of the support arm into the field of the permanent magnet and the globe will snap into contact with the upper head.

Tip #5: If you raise the globe too close to the upper head of the support arm, the globe will snap to the support head even though you are still holding the globe! If this keeps happening, simply start a little further away from the upper support head and raise the globe more slowly. Stop raising the globe and release it as soon as you detect the vibration in the globe.

If you release the globe before it is captured by the electromagnetic field, the point at which the upward tugging subsides, the globe will fall to the lower controller base when released.

Tip #6: If the globe consistently falls to the base when released, you need to raise it a bit further into the electromagnetic field before releasing it. Allow the intensity of the vibration or tugging of the globe to subside completely before releasing the globe.

Levitating Globe Questions & Answers

Do I have to leave the power plugged in all the time in order to display my globe?

While you can certainly leave your Stellanova Levitating Globe controller energized all the time, it is not necessary to do so in order to display your globe. Due to the very powerful permanent magnet located at the North Pole of your levitating globe, you can suspend your globe directly from the upper head of the support stand even with the power disconnected.

What happens if I lose power while my Stellanova Globe is levitating?

The Stellanova Levitating globe actually has two permanent magnets imbedded, one at either pole of the globe. If you should unexpectedly lose power, the globe will simply drop from its floating position to land on the controller base. The permanent magnet located at the South Pole of the globe will be attracted to the metal base of the stand and the globe will secure itself magnetically to the base.

Why does my Stellanova Levitating Globe sometimes snap to the upper head of the stand for no apparent reason?

The Computer Controlled Levitation (CCL) module is designed to compensate for changes in air pressure, the weight of the globe, etc., in order to maintain a consistent levitation height. If the surface upon which your Stellanova Globe is sitting moves up/down by even a millimeter or two, the CCL is designed to respond instantaneously. While the CCL can quickly increase the field strength of the electromagnet to keep the levitating globe from falling, it cannot overcome the attraction of the permanent magnet if the upper head of the stand enters its field of attraction. The result of a sudden bump or jar to the surface upon which your globe sits can therefore cause the globe to jump to the upper head of the support stand. To correct this problem, relocate your globe to a more solid table or stand.

Stellanova 4" Blue Levitating GlobeStellanova 4" Blue Levitating Globe4” blue ocean Levitating globe
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