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December 2012 Newsletter, Stories & Announcements...


This December newsletter brings you our heartfelt wish that you and yours will enjoy a truly Merry Christmas, surrounded by family and friends! May the peace and warmth of the season reside in your heart all year long...

Out with the old... in with the new!

The holiday season is in full swing with Christmas only a week away. As I have contemplated Christmas, and the meaning behind the celebration that is perhaps the most universal celebration of any holiday, I have come to recognize and appreciate a trio of events that crowd into the last two weeks of December.

The first event of significance is the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice marks the transition point where the steady increase in the hours of darkness gives way to a period of increasing hours of light. Those few minutes of increased light each day may not seem terribly significant but in three short months there will be more hours of light than there are of darkness, and the world will be reawakening in the rebirth of springtime! For me, the Winter Solstice is a harbinger of hope, delivered in small doses, one day at a time.

Following on the heels of the Winter Solstice comes Christmas, arguably one of the two most important days in Christendom. Although the actual day of Christ's birth has been lost during the 2,000 years that have come and gone since that miraculous event, it nevertheless brings people of varied faiths, cultures, economic status, races, etc., together like no other event. That tiny baby, born in a manger in Bethlehem, acknowledged by Christians around the world as God's literal son, came to earth to save all mankind from death and hell. While some maintain that Christmas is simply the Christian celebration of the pagan Winter Solstice celebration, I submit it is much more. Choose whatever arbitrary date you wish to set for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and I believe its celebration would bring the same sense of love for our fellow man regardless of the season or proximity to other celebrations. Such is the magic of Christmas!

Shortly after the Christmas celebration concludes, the old year draws to a close and the new year is ushered in. It seems a fitting capstone to the trio of late December events which all seem to celebrate hope, renewal, and the promise of renewal that comes with the birth of each new soul, and each new year.

From each of us at World Globe Universe, we wish you and yours a peaceful and joyous Christmas!

Giving new Life to your Old Globe...

In keeping with the theme of birth and renewal, I thought you might enjoy exploring some of the ways to renew and/or reuse your old world globe. Many of our customers have found that Christmas provides a perfect excuse to buy a new globe, to replace the somewhat long in the tooth globe that may have shared your home for decades. One of the common problems with bringing a new globe home is the anxiety that arises over what to do with the old globe. While not admitting that people can become somewhat fanatical about their globe, we have noticed a reluctance on the part of some individuals when they are told there simply isn't enough room for yet another globe. This article will explore some of the ways to renew your globe without guilt or separation anxiety.

If your spouse and family are adamant that the old must go in order to make room for the new, consider making a donation. Old globes in good condition can be donated to schools, neighbors that have never enjoyed the good fortune of owning their own globe, or charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army or other thrift stores. Any of these donation options make it possible for your old globe to go on serving, perhaps for many more years.

If you have a nostalgic connection to your globe but can no longer tolerate its out of date information, you may wish to consider purchasing a new globe, with up to date cartography, and installing it in your existing stand. This option is particularly appealing if you have an heirloom quality floor stand that may have been in your family for generations. If you are fortunate enough to find a compatible globe, this can be a cost effective way to breathe new life into a cherished family globe.

For those who possess artistic and handyman genes, you may wish to consider giving your old globe a new lease on life in your own home or office, rather than donating it to a school, charity, or thrift store. While researching ways people have revitalized and repurposed their old globes, we came across a fascinating pictorial list. You can find the full post on Mike's blog. From globe lights to globe clocks, modge podge children's globes to globe bookends, you are certain to find inspiration on ways to repurpose your globe.

Globe Wall ClockJust between us globe enthusiasts, my favorite project is the recycled split globe wall clock. Maybe it is my favorite because it would allow me to hang onto a minimum of six more globes... all guilt free! While looking at this fascinating clock, pay particular attention to the globes starting at the 5 o'clock position and going clockwise around to the 1 o'clock position. Notice how each globe is rotated approximately 15 to 20 degrees clockwise so the globe depicts the rotation the earth would experience during the passage of each hour. Although the rotational projection seems to breakdown somewhat between 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock, it is still truly AWESOME!

I was fascinated by the variety of light fixtures created from globes that had been retired and repurposed. The multi globe chandelier was beautiful as was the pair of pendant lights and the wall mounted lamp. For those who are into antiques, don't miss the vintage black ocean globe with its aged bronze stand and tassels.

Finally, don't overlook the erasable chalkboard globes. If you go back to our August newsletter, we did a detailed article on how to create your own chalkboard globe. You will find the article in our archive.

While this list is not all inclusive, I hope it has given you some ideas of how to repurpose and breathe new life into your obsolete world globe. For those who don't have an old globe to repurpose and reuse, I invite you to go to your local thrift store and acquire your neighbor's old globe, bring it home and give it a new lease on life!

A parting caution as I bring this somewhat lighthearted article to a close. Globes, particularly those that are reaching the age and rarity of antiques, can be highly collectible. If you have an unusual old globe that is in good condition, be careful that you don't destroy an important piece of history in your zealous effort to repurpose the old while embracing the new. That old globe that has been handed down through your family for generations may deserve to keep its place of honor right next to that shiny new globe your loved ones bought you for Christmas!

Thank you for spending this time with us and we'll see you next month!

Larry Murray

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