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July 2012 Newsletter, Stories & Announcements...


It is a pleasure to bring you our second newsletter and hope you find it to be informative, entertaining, and valuable. As always, we invite your feedback and hope you will tell us what interests you most and how we can make this newsletter even more meaningful to you.

Artline globe update...
If you have been following our World Globe Universe blog, you are undoubtedly familiar with the changes that have been shaking up the US manufacturers of world globes. As you may be aware, Herff Jones acquired and subsequently closed down Spherical Concepts, the manufacturer of the Artline acrylic globe products. Since the closure in May of 2011, the remaining Artline inventory has been shipping from the George F Cram division of Herff Jones.

What we couldn't tell you last month, because the deal was not finalized, is that World Globe Universe has been negotiating to acquire all of the remaining Artline Globe inventory. We are delighted to inform you that we have been successful in acquiring the remaining inventory and have now received the inventory at our warehouse here in Idaho. We have completed our receiving inspection and now know exactly what items and quantities are available for the Artline Globe enthusiasts who are subscribed to this newsletter.

We have been working vigorously to get all of the products live on our web site and as of this moment all but a couple of units are available for online search and viewing. However, as a newsletter subscriber, we want to make sure you are made aware that we have acquired a small but significant group of specialized Space/Celestial globes and models. If you are a Celestial globe enthusiast, you will find the following products to be of special interest.

30 inch Starship Earth II Floor globe

Starship Earth II
Measuring an impressive 30 inches in diameter, the Starship Earth II is the highest quality Celestial sphere we have ever offered. The star and constellation information is silk screened on the inside of the museum quality acrylic sphere for enhanced durability. The Starship Earth II is designed to a completely accurate viewing experience from any location on the earth, regardless of whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere. If you have the available floor space to display one of these beautiful Celestial Spheres, you won't want to miss the opportunity to own one of the final 4 remaining units. View the Starship Earth II.

Starsphere Star Globe

Starsphere Star Globe
Measuring 12 inches in diameter, the Starsphere displays over 1,100 visible stars and 88 constellations. Prominent stars are identified by name and are annotated with their distance from earth as measured in light years. View the Starsphere.
(The Starsphere is also available in Blue Pearl. The Blue Pearl Starsphere will go live on as soon as our photographer finishes with the images.)

Stars Above, sky model

Stars Above, sky model
The Stars Above is your personal model of the night sky. Designed for display, as well as hands on reference, the Stars Above model is fully portable and can be taken outdoors for night time observation of the stars. The Stars Above displays the stars and constellations which are visible from the northern latitudes and is perfect for star gazers in North America. Made of the same durable museum grade acrylic common to all Artline products, the Stars Above is the perfect gift for budding astronomers. View the Stars Above.

Looking ahead to Back to School...
As a practical matter, this newsletter can't possibly address the interests of all our subscribers in any given issue. Attempting to do so would create a document so long that no one would bother to read it!

This month we decided to focus on an area of interest for parents everywhere. With the end of summer drawing ever closer, it won't be long before the back to school season is upon us. When the leisure of summer gives way to the resumption of classroom learning, the tools used in the education of your child or grandchild will become infinitely more important than those same tools seem today.

If your child attends public schools you may not have much control over the tools available for teaching geography. On the other hand, if you are home schooling, or if you simply wish to give your child a learning advantage with supplemental learning tools in the home, the following article may be of interest.

Heather Sanders is a homeschooling mom who decided it was time to purchase a globe to enhance her children's learning experience. Her blog post chronicles her experience as she undertook finding the perfect world globe for homeschooling use. You will find her entire story on her blog.

While Heather chose to purchase the Replogle Starlight Globe, you may find your situation and the needs of your child are different.

If you would like to learn even more before making a final decision on your educational or reference globe, you might like to explore the "Choosing Your Globe" information in the Globe University section of World Globe Universe.

We hope this information is helpful for those who are interested in enhancing their child's education. In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of your summer!

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