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June 2012 Newsletter, Stories & Announcements...


After far too long... and almost countless starts and stops, we are finally delivering this first newsletter to you. We hope you find it informative, entertaining, and valuable. As promised when you subscribed, we are bringing you updates and offers from We invite your feedback and hope you will tell us what interests you most and how we can make this newsletter more meaningful to you.

Rocking the world of globes
Over the past several years Herff Jones has been buying up the US based manufacturers of world globes. This has included Spherical Concepts, George F Cram Company, and Replogle Globes Inc.

While outside observers may never know the original intent of the acquisitions, the economic turmoil of the last few years has inflicted major changes on the world globe landscape.

In May of 2011 Herff Jones announced the closure of the Spherical Concepts and within a week manufacturing ceased and the facility was shuttered. All of Spherical Concepts remaining Artline inventory was packed up and transferred to the George F Cram division.

In June of 2011 Herff Jones announced their intention to close the George F Cram division, effective January 1st 2012. The closure was phased in over time. Manufacturing of Cram globes was halted part way through the year, with Replogle globe balls being substituted for Cram globes as the available inventory was depleted. The result was an interesting assortment of mix and match stands and globes that came out of the Cram division's factory as the 2011 holiday shopping season progressed. By the end of 2011, many Cram customers were receiving Replogle globes and stands in substitution for the Cram globes they had purchased.

During the summer and fall of 2011, Herff Jones transferred the Replogle Globes manufacturing from Illinois to Indiana, further consolidating the manufacturing and warehousing of their world globe organization.

What does this mean to you?

  1. At the present time the only parts for globes are those available from Replogle Globes. By and large this means globe upgrades and replacement stands are no longer available for Cram or Cram manufactured Weber Costello globes.
  2. In some instances World Globe Universe has been able to provide customers with compatible substitutions using Replogle globe balls. If you need assistance with your own globe, or if you have family or friends that now own unsupported globes, please feel free to contact our support personnel to see if there is anything we can do to help.
  3. While we don't have a crystal ball that reveals the future, we anticipate that Cram globes in good to excellent condition will become collectibles. Ultimately this depends on quality and scarcity but particularly when a venerable manufacturer such as Cram goes out of business, it tends to create a following of collectors. For this reason alone it may be better not to upgrade your Cram or Cram manufactured Weber Costello globe, particularly if it is in good to excellent condition.

Further information about the closure of the US based globe manufacturers is available on our site.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The safest place to shop
On April 16th, 2012, World Globe Universe doubled our Satisfaction Guarantee. You now have a full 60 days to enjoy your world globe and still return it for refund, exchange, or credit if you are not completely satisfied. No other online world globe retailer even comes close to the World Globe Universe satisfaction guarantee. Buy with confidence knowing you are fully protected.

A fun video, at least we think it is
After months of tinkering, we finally got 18 tightly packed MOVA Globes all turning at the same time. When you realize that MOVA Globes require a two foot separation in order to prevent magnetic field interference, this feat becomes a lot more impressive! We invite you to view the YouTube video and leave a comment.

Note from the filming crew; If you don't find the video entertaining, it is only because you didn't see us pulling our hair in frustration as first one and then another of the MOVA Globes took an unscheduled break. (At one point we set up a compass in the middle of the globes and it was changing orientation so radically it looked like it was sending semaphore! )

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