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October 2012 Newsletter, Stories & Announcements...


The Christmas holiday season is only 5 weeks away. While there is still time before the holiday rush engulfs you, we wanted to focus this October newsletter on some fun and educational holiday activities that won't break your budget.

Decorate your Christmas tree with world globes...

Cube pseudoglobe imageWe discovered a great resource for crafting inexpensive pseudoglobes that would be perfect for decorating your Christmas tree. We found the instructions and printable polyhedral maps on

The investigation which led us to this site is a continuation of our fascination (some might say obsession...) with maps and globes and their ability to represent our beautiful earth. Maps are great for detailing relatively small distances and are incredibly convenient. However, their ability to accurately represent a spherical earth breaks down because of the persistent challenges of converting a three dimensional spherical shape onto a two dimensional flat surface.

Tetrahedron pseudoglobe imageCarlos A. Furuti has assembled a great online resource that will walk you through the complexities involved, as well as many of the projection systems that have been devised over the years to compensate for or at least minimize the distortion that is inherent in representing our spherical earth on a flat map. If you would like to explore the technical aspects of map projections; including their properties, applications, and basic mathematics, you will find the information here.

However; if you would like to skip to the hands on, do it yourself (DIY) activities, we suggest you start here. This page contains instructions for folding the various polyhedron shapes, complete with links to PDF files which you can use to print out practice polyhedrons of your choice.

Dodecahedron pseudoglobe imageYou can of course choose any of the polyhedron pseudoglobes but we suggest you may wish to match your selection to the skill level of the person creating the pseudoglobe. For younger practitioners, the Tetrahedron or even the simple Cube may be the best option to start with. For the more adventurous, and for use as a more classic Christmas tree decoration, we prefer the Dodecahedron. The practice pattern for the Dodecahedron is available for download. Once you are comfortable with your success on the practice pattern, it is time to move on to the real Dodecahedral Pseudoglobe. You will find 20 different patterns depending on the cartography and the resolution you prefer. For use as a Christmas tree ornament we recommend the medium resolution maps.

Dodecahedron pseudoglobe ornamentThe NASA satellite imagery map has the north and south poles located on vertices so it lends itself particularly well to adding a looped cord to suspend the finished pseudoglobe. The flat color map has a different orientation so the north and south poles wind up on the flat faces of the pseudoglobe ornament. You can still add a looped cord to suspend the ornament but it may take a bit more effort to achieve proper positioning so as to ensure the ornament will be balanced.

We hope you will enjoy crafting these DIY Christmas ornaments and that your globe adorned tree will add a greater dimension to your holiday celebration this year. We would love to receive your comments and pictures telling us how this project worked out for you.

Even more globe information!

We are always working to increase and enhance both the quantity and the quality of information available at World Globe Universe. If it has been a while since you dropped by, you may be pleasantly surprised at some of the more recent additions.

Our Blog continues to grow. Our Blog is the tool we use to communicate information that is typically more time sensitive and less detailed than the content that goes into our newsletters. We invite you to visit the Blog to see what is new in the world of globes.

We have also introduced an archive of past newsletters. We have been spending a lot of time creating quality content for you as a subscriber to our newsletter. However, as much as we would like to see it be otherwise, not every globe enthusiast is currently subscribed to our newsletter. To accommodate those who have not yet signed up to receive this monthly newsletter, we will be making past newsletter stories available in the archive. However, as a subscriber you will continue to receive special offers available nowhere else and you will always get the information long before those who rely on the archive.

The other reason for the archive is to provide an opportunity for other globe enthusiasts to join us by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. The newsletter archive has a sign up form where others can subscribe to the newsletter and start enjoying the benefits you already receive. With that in mind, if you enjoy the newsletter as much as we hope you do, please take the opportunity to refer your family and friends to the archive and its newsletter subscription form. Its quick and easy to subscribe and the newsletter continues to be free! The newsletter archive is now live.

Finally, don't overlook the article directory located in our Globe University information portal. The directory only has a couple of articles at the present time but we anticipate it will continue to grow as new topics emerge that deserve a more in depth discussion. If you or someone you know has quality article length features they would like to have published, please let us know. We always have our eyes open for information that would be of interest to globe enthusiasts like yourself! You can read the current articles at your leisure.

Thank you for spending this time with us and we'll see you next month!

Larry Murray

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